5 Must Have Toddler Toys

Have you ever sat there and looked at all the toys that your toddler has and wondered if they really needed all of them? (Of course you have, let’s be honest you’re not really a parent unless you’ve contemplated this.) Everyone loves to give your toddler toys and sometimes it’s hard to not pass up a toy at the store that you just know your toddler is going to love. I don’t know about you but I LOVE seeing the look of astonishment and surprise before giving you the biggest smile ever when receiving a new toy.

Then there are other times and you start to worry that your toddler doesn’t have the right type of toys or maybe you need a gift for another toddler and you aren’t really sure where to start. So I’ve compiled a list of our current favorite toys and staples I feel every toddler should have!

1. Mega Blocks/Building Blocks

Mega Blocks

Infantino Balls, Blocks, and Buddies


*excuse the mess, we’re making memories 🙂

2. Books, Books, and More Books!

Here are some of our recent favorites:

Snuggle PuppyGood Night Texas The Good Night Series is absolutely amazing! They have one for every state and even have some for big cities. We’ve been picking them up and collecting them as we have visited new places. J absolutely loves these!; First 100 Words We love this one, there are so many different variations, we even have one that’s Disney based. It’s be great with learning his animals, transportation, and many other things!; The Pout-Pout Fish I have this whole book memorized, we turned it into a little song and it has been so much fun to sing/read.

We created a little reading nook for J and we have so much fun hanging out there and going through all of his books! I love when I have a mini heart attack because he’s silent and I peek around the corner and see this –


3. Puzzles

Melissa and Doug have become a quick favorite of ours in every toy that they make but here are a couple puzzles J adores!

Farm Animals, House and Shapes, Farm, Safari, and Vehicles.

And for some great organization of the puzzles, we love this rack.


4. Stuffed Animals

Okay, full confession, J has never been a big one for stuffed animals. I don’t know why but he’s never had a ‘lovey’ blanket or binky or stuffed animal that he absolutely adored until recently. We took him to a bookstore to pick up a few books and he found this Clifford and has even since absolutely loved his stuffed animals. I never knew what I was missing until I saw him cuddling his doggie at night and my heart melted. I mean, look at this!


5. Cars/Trucks

Roll n’ Rattle – these are perfect for those little hands and fingers!

Dump Truck – this has been perfect for outdoor play and I can’t wait for it to warm up a little more so we can take it to the beach!


Bonus: Squishy water things (official name)

Infantino Tub O’Toys– J has been absolutely obsessed with his ‘animals.’ He loves to carry them around in his mouth (he learns this from the dogs lol) and he loves to chew on them. They definitely seemed to help with teething.


He loves to also line them up on the windowsill while watching the cars drive by.

**I will say that you have to be careful to not actually get any water in them because they mildew very easily and we have yet to figure out the best way to clean them so we wind up throwing them away and buying more. Do you already have these and have a great cleaning tip?? PLEASE share with me below!


What have I left out? Am I missing anything? Tell me what your favorite toys are for this age!


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