ThredUP Review *from a real consumer

Have you heard about the latest craze of consignment clothing? ThredUP advertises as “The Largest Online Consignment & Thrift Store.” They feature brands such as Lululemon Althetica, J Crew, Kate Spade New York, Roxy, etc. etc. They literally have every brand you can think of for a discounted price; whether the clothes are gently used or sometimes brand new the prices are too good to beat!

The question is, is it too good to be true? Well, I decided to test them out for you and below is my review.

PRO: They have thousands of brands.

When you sign up with ThredUP, they have you put in your sizes which is always on as a filter (unless you close out of it) so the clothes that are being shown to you are in your size.  There is nothing I hate more than falling in love with a piece of clothing and realizing it’s not in your size, ugh don’t get me started I feel my blood pressure starting to rise thinking about it!

CON: They have thousands of brands.

I know, I know, how can this be a pro and a con? But while this can be a great thing, it can also be extremely overwhelming when you first look at the website. I mean, all these things they are showing are brands I’ve never heard of or are definitely not my style. How in the world do I find anything that I like?

I started off with searching for my favorite brands (check out the pictures for how to search).

I know it seems so simple but when I first started it definitely overwhelmed me and I always drew a blank as to what my favorite brands were. I mean I shop for look and style not usually the brand!

PRO: After a few purchases and searches the website’s algorithm starts to tailor to your likes and frequently searched brands.

*Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect for sure. I still get some weird things that show up on the feed but for the most part it seems okay.

PRO: You can save any specific searches in your favorites and receive notifications anytime a new item gets added that meets your search requirements!

This is great especially if you are looking for a specific item in a brand you like and have some time to wait for it to come around. Check out how to save a search!

CON: Sometimes things get labeled wrong.

I’ve seen somethings get the wrong brand label (like LuLaRoe leggings get labeled as Lululemon, big difference).

PRO: You can save an item to come back to later if you like but need to keep looking.

There is a little heart next to each item, click it and they all store in your favorites!screenshot_20190411-131332_thredup

CON: Depending on the item, it can go fast!

Once you add something to your cart you have 24 hours to purchase it before it goes up for grabs again. Unfortunately, some people have like alarms set or something for when their 24 hours are up because I know those Lululemon pants have been in someone else’s for like 3 days now.

CON: The ‘Shop Similar’ button is a joke.

It has yet to work for me, every time it pulls up something completely unrelated. I’ve just stopped using it all together.

PRO: Check out process is quick and easy.

You can add your PayPal account for quick and easy check out. There is also a timer at checkout that lets you know how much time you have before your item becomes available to others again.

CON: Shipping is SLOW and everything comes in multiple packages.

It takes up to two week every time I order something, I don’t understand why it takes items so long to get to me when everywhere else I’ve ordered from arrives within a week. Anyway, many of the items are at different wear houses so they come from different places increasing the amount of packages you receive. While that can be fun, it also seems extremely wasteful and annoying to not receive all your items together.

Now they do have a Bundle and Save option where they promote less packages and cheaper shipping options but it seems like it’s a month before you get everything and I’m just too impatient for that. Have you tried it?? If so, let me know!

PRO: If you order over $150 during one calendar month you receive free shipping for the remaining of that month and the next month!

I’m all about free shipping.


Review on the clothes themselves:

You’ve searched, found the one, waited for shipping and finally received your item…is it all it’s cracked up to be?

So far, YES! Everything that I have ordered looks brand new (or is because it still has the tags on it). I have only received two items that didn’t fit right because I’m a little in-between sizes but unfortunately I was unable to return them because they were non-returnable (they were only $5 each, so no sweat). I haven’t had to return anything yet but it seems like a pretty easy process.


Selling on ThredUP:

ThredUP also buys your gently used or new items through their Clean Out program! I ordered a clean out kit over a month ago but have yet to receive it. So I don’t know what their payout is yet or how the process is. When (or if) I receive it, I will definitely update and let you know!



Despite some cons, I will definitely continue to be ordered from ThredUP! Are you interested in trying them out? Use my link for $10 dollars off your order! Save here!

Happy shopping 🙂


*I am not an affiliate of ThredUP. However, if you use my link I will receive $10 towards my account.

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